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Welcome to 2015’s Birthday Party Planning Guide.

children at birthday party

You are planning a birthday party for your child, in a landmine of food sensitivities and allergies. Of course your child deserves a celebration! When you issue invitations, why not ask for information of food challenges with the RSVP? Consider the activities of the day, and start planning.

You still have to determine the theme of the party, plan the party, and Goodie bags, if you are doing that Let’s start with the Goodie Bags. Instead of filling them with Jolly Rangers and lollipops, fill them with the little games that children love. You will find several to choose from at the dollar store. This move entirely jumps over any food issues, and you earn bonus points.

Serving snacks is fine, and most children will eat any ‘junk’ food you put out, but not all If you know you are having a gluten free child at your party, why not skip the pretzels, and offer, potato chips, corn chips, Cheese Balls, or Doritos? Do some research beforehand, and you will have a much easier day. Frito-Lay has nutrition information on their website, and most others do too. You can find out which products have gluten, nuts or dairy. That way you can make educated decisions about what to serve. Taking into consideration the age of your child will impact this decision also Younger children may not know all the details of their food issues, so you don’t want to put out something they might eat that will necessitate a call to 911.

Are you serving a meal? Is pizza your choice? Then serve a salad with it, again so the gluten free/dairy sensitive child will still have something to eat. Hot dogs and Hamburgers? Have forks, for the kids who won’t eat a bun. If you have a child at your party with peanut sensitivities, do not serve PB&J. If a child has a dairy sensitivity, offer a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger.

Absolutely have a birthday cake, or birthday watermelon. Stick a candle in something, so your child can make their wishes. If you are serving a cake, also serve some fruit on the side. Pick what is in season. Watermelon? Cut up cantaloupe or honeydew? Bowls of grapes? That way, any child who can’t have the cake (gluten free, dairy sensitive, ‘no sugar for my child’,) can still have something to eat.

Hopefully, you already know the kids your child has invited, so you will know where the landmines lay. If your child is inviting friends from his classroom, ask the classroom teacher for help. Neighborhood kids and relatives you will already know about. Knowing ahead of time allows you to form a master plan, so the focus of the day can be on your child, and his/her friends, celebrating a birthday.

After all of your planning, enjoy a slice of pizza or a slice of that birthday cake. You deserve it Collect all your bonus points, and celebrate your victory however you choose. Congratulations on another party, and you have a whole year until the next one

Great Games Idea for children party


Simple and traditional party games will never go out of style for birthday or other types of celebration occasions. Party hosts looking for simple, but very fun party games may offer party guests traditional party games that take little time to set up and play. And now there are printable games found on the Internet that are appropriate for all ages. Printable party games may be passed out during the party or as party favor gifts.

Ping Pong Ball Bucket Toss

Needed are several buckets in a row and a bunch of ping pong balls. When buckets are placed in a row, each player will have a chance to throw ten balls into the buckets. Give each bucket a point value with the furthest bucket from the throwing line. The winner is the player with the highest score after ten tosses.


Player throws a hoop to try and ring a prize and the Hoopla stand. To make a Hoopla stand, use a box with a dowel sticking out with a prize attached. The hoop must be completely around the prize and the stand to win. To make the game harder, use a smaller hoop. To make it easier, use a large hoop such as a hula-hoop.

Soda Bottle Bowling

Put some sand or water into covered soda bottles and line them up as in a bowling pin formation. Use a softball or dodge ball and roll the ball towards the soda bottles.

Milk Bottle Knockdown Stack aluminum milk bottles on a platform (stool) and have players throw baseballs at the bottles in an attempt to knock them all off the platform.

Sponge Toss

A bucket and a soaked sponge is needed for this fun game. One team is lined up extending from the

bucket with water to an empty bucket, The team then passes the sponge between each other rinsing out the sponge in the empty bucket. The winning team is the one that reaches the water line of the empty bucket first. Another variation is to have four buckets with two teams per two buckets competing against each other simultaneously.

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Give the party guests a list or a homemade map and allow them to search for objects around the party area. This is a fun game for a pirate theme party because pirates live off their found loot.

Gaming is most successful at parties when hosts are able to accommodate as many children as possible at one time. If the home has more than one gaming system, multiple systems should be ready and available for use. Many parents encourage guests to bring personal gaming devices such as a Nintendo DS or PlayStation PSP to keep them entertained while spots on the main system(s) are filled. Choose games that are two or more players so that more guests can play.

Traditional part games are fun for children and adults of all age because such games are simple but very fun. Conclude the party games by passing out special party favors to the winners.

Successful arcade game party.

  • Go Traditional Arcade
  • Go Contemporary Arcade
  • Glow to the Arcade

Gift Ideas for a Child’s Party


Your child or maybe even your entire family has been invited to a young child’s birthday party. Everyone is looking forward to the festivities but first a special gift must be selected for the guest of honor. Everyone has their own ideas of what would be a special and perfect selection for the youngster and some suggestions and tips could include:
Books In this day and age, children can be so caught up in movies, video games and technology. Purchasing a picture book with delightful illustrations and age-appropriate language would bring the child back into a world of creativity and imagination. Consider the age and interests of the youngster when selecting the volumes so he will be sure to read those pages very soon. Bookends, bookmarks, or small shelves could accompany this thoughtful gift.

Games There are so many interesting and challenging games for children of all ages. They help develop critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills. These selections would give both him and his friends interesting and engaging activities to engage in It could even be a game that could be played right there at the event! Seek games that do not need batteries and have simple instructions that everyone can easily follow.

Activities Choose items that get the child moving. A kite would be a unique and interesting choice as it could be displayed on a bedroom or game room wall before or after use Balls of any type could be enjoyed by the party goers on the day of the event if there is an appropriate and safe area to play in Scooters, sports equipment and sportswear are all perfect selections for both boys and girls. Keep in mind the child’s hobbies to select the most appropriate item. For example, if the quest of honor is a young girl who takes gymnastic lessons, a roomy gymnastics bag may be the perfect gift. A toddler who is crazy about basketball would really enjoy a small basketball net and miniature ball. A little girl who loves dolls would be thrilled with a stroller or buggy to take her “baby” on long walks in .

Always avoid toys and gifts that have sharp edges, represent violence, or are too mature for the young individual. Gift cards are great but they lack the personal touch and special thought that go into selecting something for the child. They would be acceptable if it were a youngster whom you were very unfamiliar with as you would not be able to select gifts based on his interests and personality.

Choosing birthday gifts for a young child can be so much fun even for adults. Getting caught up in the search for the most appropriate present along with accompanying items and gift wrapping can provide hours of fun for all of those involved, The climax will be when the child opens the special gift in front of friends and family. Hearing his shouts of joy and look of happiness will provide all with the real reason that gift giving is so heartwarming.

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