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Simple and traditional party games will never go out of style for birthday or other types of celebration occasions. Party hosts looking for simple, but very fun party games may offer party guests traditional party games that take little time to set up and play. And now there are printable games found on the Internet that are appropriate for all ages. Printable party games may be passed out during the party or as party favor gifts.

Ping Pong Ball Bucket Toss

Needed are several buckets in a row and a bunch of ping pong balls. When buckets are placed in a row, each player will have a chance to throw ten balls into the buckets. Give each bucket a point value with the furthest bucket from the throwing line. The winner is the player with the highest score after ten tosses.


Player throws a hoop to try and ring a prize and the Hoopla stand. To make a Hoopla stand, use a box with a dowel sticking out with a prize attached. The hoop must be completely around the prize and the stand to win. To make the game harder, use a smaller hoop. To make it easier, use a large hoop such as a hula-hoop.

Soda Bottle Bowling

Put some sand or water into covered soda bottles and line them up as in a bowling pin formation. Use a softball or dodge ball and roll the ball towards the soda bottles.

Milk Bottle Knockdown Stack aluminum milk bottles on a platform (stool) and have players throw baseballs at the bottles in an attempt to knock them all off the platform.

Sponge Toss

A bucket and a soaked sponge is needed for this fun game. One team is lined up extending from the

bucket with water to an empty bucket, The team then passes the sponge between each other rinsing out the sponge in the empty bucket. The winning team is the one that reaches the water line of the empty bucket first. Another variation is to have four buckets with two teams per two buckets competing against each other simultaneously.

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Give the party guests a list or a homemade map and allow them to search for objects around the party area. This is a fun game for a pirate theme party because pirates live off their found loot.

Gaming is most successful at parties when hosts are able to accommodate as many children as possible at one time. If the home has more than one gaming system, multiple systems should be ready and available for use. Many parents encourage guests to bring personal gaming devices such as a Nintendo DS or PlayStation PSP to keep them entertained while spots on the main system(s) are filled. Choose games that are two or more players so that more guests can play.

Traditional part games are fun for children and adults of all age because such games are simple but very fun. Conclude the party games by passing out special party favors to the winners.

Successful arcade game party.

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